Oz. It's awesome.

Possible showers!Possible showers!Oh noes! The forecast for Saturday indicates showers and hail! Unless there’s miraculous change, we’ll fall back to the DFO complex food court (the rain cloud icon on the map below).

Please check the #DFBBQ hashtag on Twitter for changes of plan if the weather looks good.


Double Fine fans from the 2013 BBQ/meetup.

We're coming together for a second Double Fine fan BBQ/meetup at PAX Australia, but not at PAX Australia (you can find details on the 2013 BBQ here).

Hang out with other local Double Fine fans and meet special guest Ron Gilbert!


Docklands Park (southern block) - just across the river from the PAX Australia venue at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre (bigger map)!

Situated on Harbour Esplanade in Docklands on the southern block of Docklands Park near the "Blowhole", there's play equipment, BBQ facilities and open space for pirates, psychic agents, metal heads, spelunkers, halloween enthusiasts and wayward spacefarers alike.

There is a small shelter at the BBQ area, but if the weather gets too ugly, we'll fall back to the food court below the DFO Hub shopping complex adjacent to the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre (keep an eye on the #DFBBQ Twitter hashtag for updates).

Illustrious game designer and PAX keynote speaker, Ron Gilbert! Australian Double Fine Fans at Game Masters in 2012!

The park is a short walk across the river (there's a foot bridge right next to the PAX Promenade building), and the Village Docklands/Harbour Esplanade stop is frequented by the 70, 71 trams as well as the 35, which is a "free tourist tram".

Since this is outside of the PAX Australia venue, attendees will need to ensure that they have their passes and photo ID so that they can get back in!


An echidna! These little guys are great.

Keep an eye to the countdown timer at the top of the page, make a reminder, set an alarm, write it on your forehead so you don't forget!

2:00pm on Saturday the 1st of November 2014!

For PAX Australia attendees, details of the PAX Australia events which might conflict with the Double Fine Down Under BBQ can be found on the PAX schedule for Saturday.


An Australian Double Fine Fan with some hand made tentacles!

If you're interested in having something to munch, bring your own food. Since Docklands Park is a public space, we won't be able to reserve or monopolise BBQ equipment, but if it's doable, we'll try to keep one meat-free.

You can see a list of potential activities and suggest your own/say hi in this thread on the Double Fine forums.


It's not often that an international pop culture/gaming event happens in Australia that brings people together the way that PAX will. This is a great time for fans and communities to come together to meet new friends and celebrate the things they love.

One of those bouncy things.

With Double Fine not able to attend, setting a time and place to gather is the best way to bring local DF fans and PAX attendees from afar together.

PAX Australia sold out very quickly, and there have been many people interested in a meetup who weren't able to get passes. Having something across the road from the showgrounds makes it accessible to those that missed out whilst still keeping it easy for PAX attendees to get to without missing out on PAX content due to travel time.


Cheese what runs the Game Club.

This gathering has been coordinated by Australian Double Fine community members, but people from DF (most notably Greg Rice) have been super supportive.

If you come along, you'll get to meet: