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What is Game Club?

The Double Fine Game Club!

The Double Fine Game Club is a community run weekly event where members of the Double Fine community and other adventure game fans come together to play and talk about the game currently being played (think of it as a book club for games). It's entirely informal and everybody is welcome!

More details can be found in our F.A.Q. whilst logs and further discussion can be found in specific Game Club threads on the Double Fine forums. A list of Game Club threads can be found in Past Game Club Sesssions post in our F.A.Q. thread.

From time to time we've also been joined by developers of a game we've been playing for a Q&A session.

How can I get involved?

It's easy!

Just visit this page or log onto the #DFAdventure IRC channel on at 9:00pm UTC, or Maroon o'clock (check the countdown timer at the top of the page, or visit for your area) and chat about the game that's currently being played.

If you don't own the game or aren't interested in playing it again, don't worry. We almost always have somebody streaming a playthrough which you can watch from this page.

You can keep track of what's currently being played and join in on further discussion on the Double Fine forums, and a list of Game Club threads is kept in our F.A.Q..

If you're keen to help with organising or streaming, say hi in the current Game Club planning thread. A link to the current planning thread can be found towards the bottom of the F.A.Q. thread.

Can you play my game?

You're a developer and you'd like to know if we would be interested in playing your game for Game Club? Great!

First up, have a read through the Advice for Developers & Special Guests post in our F.A.Q. thread.

Whilst we generally focus on point and click adventure games, we are open to exploring other styles so long as the game at hand would be engaging within our format and encourage discussion.

Get in touch with us via @DFGameClub on Twitter, or by posting in the current Game Club planning thread (a link to the current planning thread can be found towards the bottom of the F.A.Q. thread).

Where can I find information on old Game Club sessions?

The Double Fine Game Club started out as an officially run community event for backers of the Double Fine Kickstarter project. Greg Rice of Double Fine, who passed the torch onto enthusiastic community members when he became less available. As a result, some of the earlier Game Club forum threads are only accessible to backers (if you missed out, you can still attain backer status from here).

A full list of current and previous Game Club sessions can be found in the Past Game Club Sessions post in our F.A.Q. thread.